All roofs tend to lose their sheen over some time. Though they might look brand new for a certain period, they might not last long owing to consistent exposure to fluctuating weather conditions. This lacklustre can reduce the visual appeal of the house. Storm Force Roof Repairs offer painting services that help homeowners to restore their roof appeal.

How can we offer the best painting services?

The company examines the roof to check for any faults. If we paint the roof over existing issues, the consumers might not notice it. This can escalate the damage leading to complex problems. Our team will evaluate the roof and take necessary corrective action before initiating the painting job.

Why are we the best painting specialists in the region?

Storm Force Roof Repairs considers the customer’s well-being while we handle the roofing project. We have the necessary tools and expertise to provide painting services without compromising the roof’s structural stability. Our team uses the best paints and techniques to increase the visual appeal that would last longer.

Why Choose US: 

Storm Force Roof Repairs the leading roofing company in Melbourne has extensive experience working with complex roofing issues. We have been in the family business for about three generations. Our mission is to provide hassle-free service at a competitive price for all our customers. Even though we have been running the show for three decades, we keep ourselves updated and incorporate all the market innovations in our work. We always stay vital in our values and strive to be your reliable service partners.  

Our team is our strength and the reason for our success. They finish every project on time and within the budget given. They have extensive knowledge of the segment and experience in handling various projects. They know how to handle clients and keep themselves open for communication. So, choosing us is the best way to get your service done quickly.



  • Ask for a free estimation. 
  • Ask about their crew and experience. 
  • Ask about the previous projects they have handled. 
  • Ask about the materials they use 
  • Ask about the number of days they will require to finish the project. 
  • Don’t undervalue the quantity of paint required. 
  • Never assume that walls are spotless. 
  • Never neglect the cleaning of walls and roofs before starting to painting 
  • Don’t rush anything. 
  • Avoid skipping the tape. 
  • Avoid painting without primer. 
  • Clean the walls 
  • Hire an experienced professional 
  • Cover all the furniture in the house 
  • Always start the painting process from the top and finish it at the bottom 
  • Have all the necessary tools 
  • Excellent colour vision and artistic sense. 
  • A painter should always focus on the details   
  • A painter should have an extensive experience  
  • Familiarity with the supplies and tools used in painting.