New Roofs

Roofs play a pivotal role in protecting the house and improving aesthetics. When people construct their homes, they are conflicted about choosing a suitable model. The structure has a long shelf life and can be expensive. People might not have the option to replace it once it is installed. 

How can we assist customers?

Our company will evaluate the client’s expectation and determine the ideal course of action. We would inspect the property, analyse the surrounding, understand the influencing factors and provide a list of feasible options. We take utmost care to ensure that this plan adheres to Australian Building Standards. Our team will source the necessary materials at competitive prices and execute the project.

Why are we the best roofer in the region?

Storm Force Roof Repairs is a family-owned business with the vision to offer innovative solutions. We have handpicked our team with relevant experience, technical knowledge and values. This enables us to maintain our service standards and strive for excellence. In addition, we undertake various measures to improve our quality at competitive prices.


Why Choose US: 

Storm Force Roof Repairs the leading roofing company in Melbourne has extensive experience working with complex roofing issues. We have been in the family business for about three generations. Our mission is to provide hassle-free service at a competitive price for all our customers. Even though we have been running the show for three decades, we keep ourselves updated and incorporate all the market innovations in our work. We always stay vital in our values and strive to be your reliable service partners.
Our team is our strength and the reason for our success. They finish every project on time and within the budget given. They have extensive knowledge of the segment and experience in handling various projects. They know how to handle clients and keep themselves open for communication. So, choosing us is the best way to get your service done quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I need a new roof? 

If you evidence a leak in the ceiling or notice a broken shingle in the roof, crack in the wall or foundation, water running down the walls, missing granulate, crack near chimneys, and mold growth across the chimneys, vents, and walls. If you come across any of these signs, your house needs a new roof.  

2. How often does a roof need to be replaced?   

There are many types of roofing materials. Each material has a different lifetime. The metal roofs are the strongest, and they will stay a little longer than everything. The average lifetime of metal roofs is 50 – 70 years. But the results depend entirely on the homeowner’s effort.  

3. Can I replace my roof myself? 

The Internet says yes. It says anyone can replace the roof with the help of DIY websites. But the results won’t be long-lasting, and homeowners can’t able to identify the root cause of the problem and fix it. So they can aggravate the situation. And it is also the risk of climbing up the roof and working without any precautions. Choosing professional contractors who work at an affordable price is the best option for your roofs.  

4. How long does a roof last after being replaced? 

It can last upto 25 – 30 years. But that won’t be the same for everyone. The roofs must be protected and maintained well for them to last long. Periodical inspections and fixing the budding issue also prevent the roofs from extensive damage.