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Storm Force Roof repairs have been providing roofing services with honesty and professionalism for the past 30 years. Our team of experts can be ideal partners in home improvement projects. Our services cover roof restoration, roof repairs, roof replacement and roof plumbing. Our wide ranges of services include provision of skilled roofers, plumbers and roof contractors. We help improve your roof system with our expert services.

Though they might function properly for the first few years, the wear and tear can ultimately cause damage. In choosing the best roofing material, it is also imperative to ensure that the plumbing and guttering systems are in place. Our company has the relevant team and the tools to provide the Best services. We have a systematic protocol that enables us to maintain our service standards.


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Storm Force Roof Repairs offer quality roof plumbing

Our high-quality roof plumber services are offered by licensed professionals who understand the roof and its safety requirements. Our roof plumbing services include:


Gutters, Downpipes, Roof Flashing and Roof coverings


Gutters, Downpipes, Roof Flashing and Roof coverings


Gutters, Downpipes, Roof Flashing and Roof coverings


Gutters, Downpipes, Roof Flashing and Roof coverings

Repairing :

Gutters, Downpipes, Roof Flashing and Roof coverings

What is the role of a roof plumber at Storm Force Roof Repairs?

Roof plumbers at Storm Force Roof Repairs are workers trained in all aspects of roof plumbing. Our plumbers are experts at installing flashings, rainwater tanks, downpipes and gutters for both residential and commercial buildings. Their job also involves installing wall cladding and roof sheeting.
Our roof plumbers are highly qualified and have the expertise to read and interpret technical diagrams. They also install roof drainage systems of different angles in the house. They check the water tanks to make sure that they can capture the maximum amount of rainwater.
They do this with accurate calculation of the pitch and size of roofs. We recommend you get your plumbing checked if your home is more than 20 years old.

The elements of a good roof plumbing system


Gutters are an important part of the drainage system of the home. Gutters are a crucial structure to the roof and to the home. Right guttering provides a proper water channel and helps direct rainwater. Get your guttering right the first time with our team of experts.

What is the best time of the year to clean Gutters?

Most roofing professionals recommend spring and fall as the best times of the year to clean the gutter. Early spring cleaning will clear out all the leaves and debris from. This will ensure that rainwater flows freely into the spouts.

A fall cleaning will help remove all the crisp, dry leaves before winter comes along and makes them soggy.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

At Storm Force Roof Repairs, we recommend that roof gutters be cleaned at least twice throughout the year. To ensure that your gutters work efficiently, it is important to get the cleaned every three months.

There are other important factors to consider before deciding on cleaning your gutters.

Trees: Some trees could shed heavy leaves and cause gutter clogging throughout the year. Pine trees could fill your gutters with pine cones all the time. Check the type of trees in your yard before you plan your gutter cleaning.

Weather: Stormy areas require more frequent gutter cleaning.

Region: Similarly, living in a region where the climate is hot and dry, doesn’t require frequent cleaning.

Downpipes and its importance in roof plumbing systems
A downpipe as part of a roof plumbing system is a pipe that connects to your roof gutters. These downpipes direct rainwater correctly to a preferred location. Your roof plumber will connect your downpipes to drainage pipes. These pipes lead to a soak well a few meters away from your property.

Why are downpipes important?

They direct the flow of water from your roof to a soak well. This prevents the rainwater from running off the roof and pooling around the foundations of your home

What kind of downpipes do Storm Force Roof Repairs use for their roof plumbing?

Storm Force Roof Repairs usually use downpipes that are made of steel that comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

You may consult with your professional plumber to decide on the right size requirement for your roof. Downpipes also are available in several colour bond colours, check with your professional roof plumber for help.

Roof flashing and capping

A roof flashing is built in areas where the roof meets a wall. In some cases where the air-con vent comes out from the roof. This is to stop water from seeping into the roof area.

How do roof plumbers install roof flashing?

A roof plumber will cut and shape the roof flashing to suit the roof. In the case of a metal roof the flashings are using joined by a roof plumber’s silicone and rivets. In the case of tiled roofs with a lead flashing, then the plumbers will work on this differently. The lead is usually rolled out and moulded to the shape of tiles before being secured with the right fixings.

Inadequate or improper installation of flashing can lead to gaps that can cause a lot of water damage. When water gets into these gaps, it can cause trouble and anxiety in your home.

  • Water can pool in your ceiling cavity
  • Your ceiling can suffer water damage
  • Rainwater might damage insulation

What are the advantages of roof plumbing?

The advantages of roof plumbing are:

  • Collection and management of rainwater
  • Protection of building foundations
  • Prevention of water damage to building interiors
  • Reduction in water bills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased property value

Why are Storm Force Roof Repairs the best option for roof plumbing in Ashburton?

A Storm Force Roof Repair plumber will ensure that the roof plumbing gets water off your roof. Ponding water or stagnant water is a major threat to the entire home. Water build up can cause a host of never-ending damages. We work on flat roofs or any other kind of roofs. Professional Roof plumbing prevents roof leaks and reduces plumbing repairs. Proper installation of gutters, downspouts, flashings and caps help to waterproof the roof. Thus, preventing collection of water pools on your roof which could cause heavy damage.
Effective plumbing prevents the water from getting under siding, staining weatherboards or eroding bricks. It also prevents water from collection at the foundation of your house. Thus, saving you lot of money in roofing cost and labour costs.
Call a roof plumber from Storm Force Roof Repairs for all your plumbing needs
Efficient and accurate roof plumbing is essential to ensure roof installations are done effectively. It is better to plan your roof plumbing along with your roof design and installation. The costs to replace your roof will escalate if you do not get it fixed in time. Consult your professional roof plumber from Storm Force Roof Repairs to help you decide.
Our licensed roof plumbers are experiences with all kinds of roofing materials, including metal roofs. We have performed roofing services for more than 30 years now. Please do give our experience team a call today for a free inspection or a free estimate. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of materials are commonly used in roof plumbing in Melbourne?

The types of plumbing and guttering materials would depend on the type of roof and the extent of the issue. The company handling the project will evaluate the roof and determine the functional materials. For example, they might need metal or hinges for the flashing, pipes for the gutter and other relevant aspects. Leading companies partner will trusted vendors who can provide the best materials at reasonable prices.

2. What are some of Melbourne homeowners' most common roof plumbing issues?

Water damage is one of the most familiar issues faced by homeowners. The typical roofing and plumbing issues include roof leaks, water stagnation, damaged shingles, flashing problems, and gutter repairs. Customers will have to look for signs and seek expert assistance immediately. This will help them to source the necessary materials. In addition, the companies can resolve the damage efficiently if caught early.

3. How can Melbourne roof plumbers help improve the energy efficiency of homes?

Water or snow stagnating on the roof can lead to various issues. This would severely impact the energy efficiency of the property. In addition, studies have shown that roof repairs can cause the structure to malfunction, often resulting in high energy bills. Therefore, it is imperative to seek assistance from a roof plumbing company to manage the situation.

4. What are the different types of roof plumbing services that Melbourne roof plumbers provide?

The roofing and plumbing company will evaluate the roof and determine the ideal action. Their goal is to help customers eliminate the risk of water damage. Customers might even hire a company to check the roof’s condition to avoid these issues. Leading roofers will do anything from installation, repair, restoration, replacement and maintenance.