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More than 30 years of expert roof restoration services

With over 30 years of experience, Storm Force Roof Repairs are ahead of its competitors. We are now leading in roof restoration services, delivering innovative solutions for our customers. Our business is located in Ashburton and we provide expert roof restoration services. We offer free inspections and a clear breakdown of costs with a free estimate.

About us

Roof restoration services have been a big part of our company’s growth. The demand for stronger roofs in Ashburton has helped us hone our roofing skills. Our team dedicated to roof restoration in Ashburton is strong, reliable and professional. We value the core ethics of the company. All our customer interactions reflect integrity, accountability and transparency. These values keep us committed to delivering outstanding customer service and quality roofing solutions.

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The team and our work culture

All our team members are licensed professionals with the right certifications. Each is trained on the field and highly skilled. We hold regular workshops to improve critical thinking skills, conflict resolution and decision-making. These skills help them when they are in emergency situations on the roof. Every worker understands safety protocols and follows it strictly for every project. All mandatory documentation and government regulations are in place.

How can Storm Force Roof Repairs, Ashburton help with roof restoration services?

To restore your roof means to get all your minor roofing problems fixed before it turns into big problems. When you hire Storm Force roofing professionals, we will focus on fixing small issues like leaks and cracks. Then we will progress to check the general condition of the roof.
If required, we add a new roof system on top of the old roof giving your roof a new look. We ensure that there is good insulation and no moisture. Listed are some of the roof restoration services we offer:
  • Repair entire roof
  • Replace broken tiles
  • Clean entire roof with pressure washing
  • Clean gutters to remove debris, mould and lichen
  • Apply filler coats, protective coats and seals
  • Paint the roof with airless sprayer

Why Choose Storm Force Roof Restorations, Ashburton?

Storm Force Roof Repairs has a clever team that has a quest for learning and excelling in roof restorations services. Our team fosters a positive work culture which helps in collaboration and communication. Team members learn from each other and encourage one another to do better. There is a strong focus on creativity and innovation. Every year we try to modify or simplify our processes to deliver efficient roof restoration services.

We offer highest quality emergency repairs for all homes

Storm Force roof repairs offers highest quality emergency roof restoration repairs for commercial and residential buildings. We have a dedicated team on standby 24/7 to help ease your anxieties.

Roof Restoration

Timely Roof restoration can prevent an expensive roof replacement. It helps to regain your roof’s structural integrity. We can extend the life of your roof without latest roof restoration techniques. Every inch of your roof will be as good as new.

What is roof restoration?

A roof restoration is more than just repairing your roof. During roof restoration, professional roofers will inspect the roof as a whole and work on upgradation. Roof restoration is an approach used by professional roofers to repair the weak or damaged parts of your roof.
During this process, the roofers will build you a completely new roof. The restoration process reinforces the durability of the old roof better than before. It can even be backed by an 18-year warranty depending on the roofer you choose. Due to its many benefits, we recommend a roof restoration instead of roof replacements. This works out to be more cost effective in the long run. Here are some of its benefits:

1. It is cost effective

Let’s start with the primary factor that has made roof restoration popular. This includes all kind of roofs, including flat roofs. On an average, restoration works out to be about 50% less expensive than a complete tear-off. These savings are substantial given that repairing a sizable business roof can be expensive. Get a restoration quote to compare even if you have several estimates

2. It is more convenient

Our procedures take a lot less time than typical replacements. This is because we do not use the tear-off process, which is the key factor in cutting costs. It saves money and it minimizes the amount of labour involved. During a tear-off, businesses frequently need to close; this practically never happens during our restoration process.

3. Enhanced energy efficiency

We offer a white top coating to improve energy efficiency for customers who want it. In Ashburton, many residents have opted for flat rooftops with a white top coating. But that isn’t for aesthetic reasons; it improves the building’s energy efficiency. The structure stays cooler in the summer because of the reflective white coating, which deflects the sun’s rays. This significantly lowers your energy costs.

4. As good-as-new or even better

All of the high-risk sections on a flat roof are reinforced as part of our patented flat roof restoration method. Not only will this stop any leaks from occurring right now, but it also actively prevents leaks in the future. Simply said, a restored roof is stronger and better than a brand-new one.

5. It offers superior warranty

We provide a non-prorated warranty that is typically superior to that of a newly constructed roof. On our restoration, we provide a warranty of up to 18 years or so. You are eligible for this warranty regardless of the type of roof on your building.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most common types of roof restoration services offered in Melbourne?

Depending on the extent of damages, roof restoration services include:

  • Replacement of broken tiles, repairs of entire roof and cleaning with pressure washing.
  • Clean gutters and entire roof to remove debris, mould or lichen.
  • Application of filler coats, seals and protective coats.
  • Paint the roof.

2. How can I identify if my roof needs restoration or repair?

7 signs that could help you identify if your roof needs restoration:

  1. Several areas in your roof have a leak.
  2. Several damaged areas around chimneys, pipes, vents. There is presence of extensive mould, rot or moisture. Damaged or clogged gutters
  3. There are visible signs of sagging.
  4. Damaged flashing.
  5. You have a very old or worn out roof.
  6. Several areas with crumbling or cracked tiling, with water seepage. There is visible presence of timber rot.
  7. Extensive signs of corrosion.

3. What are the benefits of hiring professional roof restoration services in Melbourne?

Roof restoration services in Ashburton identify all structural repairs and damages. Professional roofers can help restore the roof’s original functionality. All other aspects like cleaning, repainting and waterproofing will also be taken care of.

4. How long does a typical roof restoration process take in Melbourne?

Our professional roofers at Storm Force Roof Repairs will work on your roof as per your schedule. We will ensure that we do not disturb your regular routine, your family or the neighbourhood. Depending on the extent of work required, roof restoration can take few days to several weeks.